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Tehran Iran

Mina is in the middle of a very excited crowd pushing herself through in triumph, reaches the two guerrilla fighters on their bikes. She rubs her eyes in disbelieve. She is not dreaming they are CFK fighters. They are her heroes wearing a Palestinian scarf to cover up the face and holding a Kalashnikov with one hand high in a sign of resistance and another hand showing the symbol of victory. She and the crowd electrified by hearing 'fight for freedom' they all joined in chanting fight for freedom, in that exact moment she wanted to jump on their bike to go to the frontline to fight. She feels the blood rushing in her veins, not sure if she is dreaming or it's real.

She hesitates then in split seconds; she runs with the crowd after the clouds of dust made by the bikers but soon realizes that she needs to decide on which way to go and who to help. The announcement after the announcement is telling people what useful action they need to do like: giving blood for the injured fighters or help to fill up the sac of sands for barricade or to collect cotton and bandages. It is an incredible moment in the political history of Iran.

She is feeling proud to be there at that exact moment. She carries on walking in the direction to the army base without realising the danger. Mina asks herself can I use a gun, what if?! Her minds create different scenarios: She's in the middle of the gunfire a comrade has been shot and injured so she has to take the gun and carry on fighting! or the activists are ambushed, she has to pick up the gun and fight back...

Mina stops to help with making a barricade she feels the sense of unity and community. Suddenly she becomes aware of how much she wanted to be at the battlefield to disarm the military base, so she walks towards it. The sounds of the gunfire and the chaos make her anxious and terrify. Lots of injured bodies pooled out of the army base in the corner of the street for medical attention. She asks if she could help them, so she did.

For a few minutes, she couldn't hear the gunshot. It seems that people have managed to occupy the military base! People are coming out with guns in their hands screaming "power to the people" Mina feels almost hypnotized follows a group of activists. Immediately in each corner of the street peoples gathers to learn how to use the gun by either a member of CFK or someone whose expert. She thoughts what's next? What is going to happen what kind of regime do we want who is going to be in charge? She notices that people also asking similar questions and suggest all sorts of answers. The cars cramped up with people holding a gun through the windows screaming 'victory to people' while the horn of other cars joins in for the celebration that creates unbelievable magical moments.

She started her journey as an activist by the beginning of this educational year 1978-1979.

She is a very good daydreamer. she remembers that day vividly when Akram walked towards her to talk. She felt nervous and excited. Akram was her classmate a very intelligent girl who read lots of books. By the time that Akram reached her, she thought she would faint. Akram come closer and whispered, "you seem different from others, here take this book and hide it somewhere until you get home to read it. We can talk about the book later". Mina lost her concentration all day to process the event. She felt honoured that Akram found her different and interesting. She guards the book very skilfully, couldn't wait to get home. She eats her food very quickly and walks carefully on the large wooden stick that connects the hall to the little secret room on the other side of the flat. This little secret space becomes her favourite place.

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