Mina Boromand is a photographer and artist currently based in London and originally from Iran. Throughout her life, she has lived in numerous countries under tense and dramatic circumstances, including Afghanistan and the Soviet Union, and draws on her rich and unique life experiences to shine a light on the human condition.

Her work ranges from a focus on the ordinary - daily life, the mundane, urban existence - to the extraordinary - revolution, womanhood in Iran, liberation and justice; showcasing the different points of view that she has come to gain over a lifetime of struggle and now free expression.

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Through the abstract and the figurative, Mina seeks to give the audience an insight into her memories and motivations, playing with the use of colour, form, composition, and motion to articulate her unique perspective.

She recently published a book titled 254 Bus. Selection of her sketches that were created during her long bus journeys from home to the university that she studied.