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I am an Iranian artist and photographer currently based in London. My journey began with my involvement in the Iranian Revolution of 1979 as a young idealistic partisan, taking to the streets in opposition to dictatorship and autocracy - like countless others in my generation.


The revolution and its tragic aftermath triggered a series of events which have come to define my life and work; a sequence of displacements, from Iran, to Afghanistan, to the Soviet Union, and finally to Britain, each more painful than the last.

I draw on this rich history of revolution, displacement, idealism, and pain to inform my work which, mirroring my own life, crosses the boundaries of mediums, styles, tone, and composition.

Through my work, I offer the viewer an insight into my memories - memories which are concealed to me behind the veil of aphantasia, a condition which renders visualisation impossible. Imagine not being able to imagine. Being an aphantasic photographer and artist, I have used my art to piece together my memory, my motivations, my story, inviting you to join me on this journey of discovery and rediscovery.


2022  |  Royal Photographic Society, Women in Photography Bursary - AWARDED

2021  |  Royal Photographic Society, Documentary Photographer of the Year - SHORTLISTED

2021  |  Paris Photo and Picto Foundation, Carte Blanche Students - AWARDED

2021  |  AOP Student Awards - SHORTLISTED

2021  |  Photo London, Somerset House Graduates Salon - AWARDED

2020  |  Photo Co-op UK, Everyday Beauty - SHORTLISTED

2019  |  EIZO, Student Awards - SHORTLISTED

2019  |  Leyden Gallery, Summer in Aldgate Competition - WINNER (2nd Prize)

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